What is adjusting?

An insurance adjuster represents the insurance company when a claim is filed to settle the claim. A claim can be settled over the phone in some cases but in many cases it requires an inspection, a decision of coverage, an estimate and a settlement with the insured. Adjusting is the process of receiving the claim to settling the claim as a representative of the insurance company.

How do I get an adjuster license?

To get an adjusters license you must do several things:
Complete a pre-licensing adjuster course
Pass the test
Submit fingerprints
Complete an application
Pay the fee
Receive your license from the department of insurance

How much can adjusters make?
Pay for insurance adjusters vary as there are many factors to consider. There are staff and independent adjusters. Then there are different disciplines within adjusting that have different pay ranges. Generally a staff property field or inside adjuster can make anywhere between $35,000 to $65,000, or a staff catastrophe adjuster can make $55,000 to over $100,000 starting out. An independent adjuster will make more money depending on the length of assignment. If an independent adjuster works year round they will probably make $90,000 on the low end and have almost unlimited potential on the high end based upon a fee schedule on a good storm.

Is it difficult to get a job once I become licensed?

Yes and no. It can be difficult if you do not market yourself and are not open to different types of opportunities. If you begin getting certifications and willing to take a variety of opportunities you could soon find yourself deployed with a long term contract. No one can guarantee a job for you however with the aging adjuster population, amount of disasters, and more insurance companies switching to the independent adjuster model there are many opportunities.

Once I have my license what is my next step?

Once you have an adjusters license the next steps are to apply with insurance and adjusting companies, and secondly to get additional training to help assist with your career goals. Champion Adjusters can help assist you with recommending valuable certifications or training based the direction you would like to go in adjusting career.

Is insurance adjusting a stable field?

The insurance field as a whole is a very stable industry. In most cases people are required to have auto and homeowners insurance. Even renters in many cases have rental insurance. Whether the economy is up or down people will still drive cars and live in homes and make monthly payments toward their insurance. Because of the amount of policies insurance companies need insurance adjusters to address claims and settle these claims with their policy owners.

How soon can I get started?

You can get started today. You can complete your class in as little as 3 days or online at your convenience. Once you have this you can send in your application to the state with your finger printing and wait for your license in the mail to begin your new career as an insurance adjuster. Champion adjusters has the experience and knowledge to assist you with information that will walk you through the process of becoming a successful adjuster.

Who would be a good candidate for an insurance adjuster?

This is a hard question to answer as this field is a good fit for many people. For the person who has graduated from high school or college looking to start a career. This is for the person who is looking to make a career move to make more money and to have more fulfillment from a job. This position can be a good fit for someone who is close to retirement or has retired and decided they would like to come back to work and build a larger nest egg. Insurance adjusting is not a well-known field however it is very lucrative and relatively easy to get started.

What level of education must I have to become an adjuster?

There is not an education requirement to become an insurance adjuster besides getting your license. For some staffing positions insurance companies would prefer a bachelor’s degree but that is not a strict industry standard. For independent adjusters there is no such expectation.

What state should I get my adjusters license in?

Your home state may or may not require an adjuster’s license to work. You must get your home state license first and then attempt to get the adjuster license for the state of Texas. The adjuster’s license for the state of Texas is reciprocal to over 26 other states. This means that once you have your adjuster’s license for the state of Texas instead of taking a test for each additional state you can simply pay a fee to get the license for one of the states that have reciprocity with Texas. If your state does not have a required adjuster license get your Texas license as your home state in order to take advantage of the reciprocity.