Insurance Adjuster

Insurance Adjusting

Most people are surprised to find out they can become an insurance adjuster by taking an online course and have the opportunity to start a six-figure career. Many professions that yield this type of income require years of additional training and education, however, many adjusters can make an equivalent income working only part of the year. Insurance adjusters represent the insurance company and handle claims filed by policy holders. Although insurance adjusting can be a highly competitive industry if you have the right information and support you can become successful. Whether you have retired and want to start a new career, in the middle of your working years and want a change, or this will be your first career becoming an insurance adjuster is a great option.

Insurance Adjuster Videos

I wish you much success in your journey of becoming an insurance adjuster. I have put together a lot of training videos on YouTube at my channel Champion Adjusters feel free to subscribe to my channel to get the latest and greatest information about insurance adjusting.

Insurance Adjuster Resource

Another great resource to learn as much as possible about insurance adjusting and how to get your first job is our E-Book, “How to Get Started, Get Work, and Make Money as an Insurance Adjuster”. Most people have found a majority of the questions they have and need to ask but don’t know are answered in the E-book.

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